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Unveiling Microsoft’s Next Generation Windows Operating System Version



With the recent release of Windows 11 and Microsoft’s history of skipping version numbers, many tech enthusiasts are curious about what the future holds for the Windows operating system. Let’s delve into some possibilities and predictions for Microsoft’s next major OS release.

Windows 12

Continuing the Numbering Sequence One possibility is a straightforward continuation of the numbering sequence with Windows 12. This would follow the pattern seen in previous releases, where each new version incrementally builds upon its predecessor’s features and functionalities.

Windows 365

Embracing the Cloud Era Given Microsoft’s strong emphasis on cloud services and subscription-based models, a name like Windows 365 could be on the horizon. This name would align with their popular Microsoft 365 suite, emphasizing a seamless integration of cloud capabilities within the operating system.

Windows X

A Modernized Naming Convention Inspired by the Windows 10X project (which ultimately merged into Windows 11), Windows X could signify a streamlined and modernized approach to naming. It could represent a shift towards simplicity and innovation in the Windows brand.

Windows Cloud

Integrating Cloud Services As cloud computing continues to dominate the tech landscape, Microsoft might choose a name like Windows Cloud to highlight the deep integration of cloud services within the operating system. This could reflect a future where computing experiences are increasingly connected and cloud-driven.

Windows Infinity

A Vision of Continuous Evolution Windows Infinity could symbolize Microsoft’s commitment to continuous evolution and improvement. This name suggests a future where Windows undergoes perpetual updates and enhancements, ensuring that users always have access to the latest features and innovations.


While the exact name of Microsoft’s next operating system remains a mystery, these predictions offer insights into potential directions for the Windows platform. Whether it’s Windows 12, Windows 365, Windows X, Windows Cloud, or Windows Infinity, one thing is certain – Microsoft’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology and user-centric experiences will continue to shape the future of computing.

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