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Day 5, 6

Welcome to your Day 5

How many prophets and messengers are mentioned in Quran ?

Over what period the Quran was revealed ?

How many surah revealed in Makkah?

Which Prophet (as) had control of the Jinn and was able to talk to animals?

What does Zam Zam mean?

What is Az-Zaqqum?

What is Sidrat al-Muntaha?

Which Surah was favoured over the rest of the Quran with two prostrations?

Which Prophet (as) addressed the ruler King Nimrod?

In which battle did some Muslim archers disobey the order of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ?

What was the first masjid Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) built?

Who is the only Sahaba whose name is mentioned in the Quran?

Which Prophet (as) was tested with a severe illness by Allah?

What is the Arabic word for Allah’s revelation to a Prophet (as) called?

When do people leave Arafat?

Where do Hajis go from Muzdalifa?

Who/whom was martyred at Uhud?

What is the first month of the Islamic calendar?

What was the first sin on Earth in Islam?

In the Quran, what was Qaswa?

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