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How to Mine Your First Crypto for Free


Yes! You heard it correct. We will mine your first crypto currency for free, without any investment and you can start this from any smartphone.

What is Crypto Mining

Usually, Bank of respective country prints the money and distributes into public. In Block Chain, a person uses computer resources like CPU / GPU and Electricity to solve an algorithm. So, When this algorithm is solved, you earn a reward. And that reward is digital currency, and this process is called Mining.

What is Wallet.

When we mine our crypto currency, we need to store it digital storage and that storage is Wallet. Since I am in India, I use WazirX, this wallet allows me to exchange my digital currency to local currency.

So, search for wallets that gives an option to exchange your crypto to local currency.

Mine Your First Crypto – Step by Step

Go-to this website “DogeMiningPaid”. And click Sign-Up button.

Fill in the simple form provided, but do not forget to enter your Wallet Address, If your local wallet is supporting Dogecoin, you can enter any one of these wallet address to get started.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, binance coin etc.

Verify your captcha and agree the terms and condition

Once you have all completed- click Registration button. sign-up process is completed.

As soon sign-up process is completed, your mining starts @100Dh/s

System will transfer your mined coins to your balance every 24hrs

Minimum withdrawal amount is 10Dogecoins

And you have referral link. Where you refer your friends and earn 5% of their mining to your balance every 24hrs

Is it Legit?

Yes, its 100% legit. You can start mining today. And for additional income you can refer your friends. For more Tech Updates and Earning ideas subscribe YouTechRive – Your Technology Archive

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