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3 Best Free VPN Extension for Chrome

Free VPN

The most common way to stay safe online and to unblock websites or content that may be restricted in your country, we use VPN also known as Virtual Private Network. So here we will see 3 best free VPN extension for Chrome.

VPN is one of the best platforms that helps in protecting your internet traffic. It hides user’s identity online also VPN protects you from online threats by encrypting your traffic and hiding your IP address. A VPN service has become almost a necessity for internet users.

Most of the people are looking for a VPN to use with their web browser. So why do we install full program? With an extension you can have your browser appear as if it’s somewhere else, while the rest of your desktop programs use the local IP address.

Today Most of the windows users use Chrome, so definitely you need free VPN Google Chrome extension. 

Free VPN vs Paid VPN

Free VPNs get their revenue showing you ads, sell or store your data to promote paid version of same VPN service.

Paid VPNs are subscription services. They own servers, have employees, and incur other costs in order to provide the VPN service.

What is difference between VPN and Proxies

A VPN connects all of your computer’s traffic to its servers. When that happens, no matter whether you’re connecting with Chrome or the Epic Games Launcher, your computer programs believe they are in whatever location you selected in the VPN app.

A proxy via a Chrome extension, meanwhile, only tunnels the traffic for the browser it’s running in.

It’s hard to know which free VPNs for Chrome are safe to use since the web is full of unreliable ones.

Why Use Chrome VPN Extensions

Apart from the security advantages such as anonymous browsing, tracking prevention, secure network, and more, VPN extensions for Chrome also bring added advantage over full-fledged VPN services that you might use on your devices.

Being easily accessible, they allow you to connect to a fast VPN network and even switch servers. Though the VPN Chrome extensions don’t offer the same level of customization as the full-fledged app, you may not have to look beyond for carrying out basic tasks.

3 Best Free VPN Chrome Extension

Just as its name suggests, you get to browse through the internet without being noticed. The CyberGhost proxy plugin encrypts your browser traffic which ensures no online snooper can see what you are doing on the internet.


  • Very good speeds
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Strict no-logging policy


  • Lacks some power user features such as a double VPN
  • Weak speeds in some VPN server locations

Hotspot Shield is another great VPN extension for Chrome that offers military-grade encryption and a strict no-logging policy. It also provides a free trial so you can try it out before committing to a subscription.

  • Fast speed
  • unblock geo-restricted content
  • secure all online activities

ZenMate on Chrome is fairly simple. It offers four locations for free including the U.S. ZenMate’s free service doesn’t require a login, but it does have ads encouraging you to upgrade to its paid service. It also doesn’t have usage limitations, but speeds are capped at 2 megabytes per second.


  • Very easy to use
  • Country list is good but not extensive


  • Middling speeds
  • App’s simplicity sometimes works against it

How it works

Install from the Chrome store and fire it up from the extension bar. Choose your server location by clicking on the one that’s currently active.

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