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Unique Idea to make money online with 100% Success

drop hosting

If you have already started online business with Freelancing, drop shipping, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube content or blogging, then this is not something traditional idea that you have heard. This is called Drop Hosting.

Drop Hosting – Unique Idea

Drop Hosting, if you have already tried many of online business then it might sound like drop shipping, the idea is similar, but principal of implementation is different. You can start implementing this idea today, because the competition for this idea is still very less.

Our target customers are medium and small business owner with a website or even a person who is having a website but require assistance to build and manage his website. Any above personnel is having a website and he is facing issues like slow website, website security, regular backup and managing & customizing website to engage more customers.

We will be providing solutions to all these problems.

How & Where to Start

Before we start, I would like to share my experience, when I first started my blogging website, I required assistance to do lot of stuff. But now technology has gone far away, we have this awesome service. Which you can use it from anywhere in the world and the best part is its fully automated.

You need not worry about having a big investment plan, or technical details and amaze yourself as how I will start and how will I manage. Just visit this awesome service called 10Web .

About 10Web

We simplify website building & hosting through automation – that’s what we do. We want to enable everyone to have an online presence and empower businesses to prioritize growth & creativity over time-consuming manual tasks.

Automated Drop Hosting

You don’t have to be tech expert to start and run this business. The below services are available in 10Web which you can offer your customers with just one click to solve their problems.


AI builder is very awesome feature of 10Web. You will know in a minute.

With AI Builder you can build a new website or if you have surfed the internet you want to copy the website pages with same style onto your website. You can just copy the web address and paste into AI Builder and with just one click the whole website is copied to yours and then you can customize accordingly with text and photos and color combination.

I told you. This is awesome feature.


10Web hosting does all the technical work for you and ensure the highest quality, with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. Your website will run faster and rank higher on Google with Nginx FastCGI caching. Secure Hosting is the Essence of 10Web.

Page Speed Booster

A powerhouse for solving WordPress speed issues 10Web Booster eliminates speed-related issues for WordPress sites, automatically.

  • Automated 90+ Page Speed
  • Improved Core Web Vitals
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
  • Full website caching
  • Unmatched security


Automated Real-Time Backups

Backups are a lifesaver, and we at 10Web ensure that you’ll always have not just one, but 10 restore points to rely on. Our automated real-time backup service guarantees that you’ll never experience any data loss and can focus on other aspects of your website.

Scheduled Backups

Creating a backup of your website shouldn’t be on your to-do list. Just schedule monthly, weekly, daily or real-time backups, and never worry about data loss again.

Drop Hosting White label

White label your WordPress dashboard of websites hosted at 10Web and take your business to next level.

Tested & Verified

With 4.8 rating and over 340 reviews on Trust Pilot it makes up to the mark. So you can trust and start today.

24/7 support / Slack Channel

Priority Support for Agencies

10Web care team is equipped with all the necessaryskills to help you solve all your issues at any given moment.

  • 24/7 LiveChat support
  • Dedicated Slack Workspace with direct access to our engineers

Drop Hosting Final Tips

Here are some ideas or tip to scale your business

  1. Create content on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many others.
  2. Create a professional Landing page of your own website.
  3.  Run and test paid ads, to reach more customer.

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