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5 Best Crypto Faucets – How to get them for Free

Crypto Faucet

What are Crypto Faucets?

An App or Website gives you reward in crypto currency for doing easy online tasks is called Crypto Faucets. Since its small in amount, it’s called Faucets.

Why you should consider crypto faucets to earn some crypto rewards for free, but with some caution and responsibility? Is, what we will explore today. These systems come in the form of websites or mobile apps and typically require users to register with their crypto currency public address and email address.

Crypto Faucet

Though crypto currencies have had a great last year, they are yet not completely mainstream and are still new to many people around the world. The idea behind crypto faucets is to give free crypto currencies to people so they would take the time to learn about digital assets and hopefully invest in them. 

Beware of Faucet Scams!

Not everything is legitimate when it comes to offering free rewards, many use this as a tool to scam users. Some crypto faucet owners refuse to pay the users even though they make loads of money for getting the ads clicked Also there are many scams running under the hood of crypto faucets where they log users out of their website or app once the payment threshold is reached.

So do your homework before lending your priceless time to such scamming portals and if you notice anyone fooling around report and spread the awareness among the community.

4 Best Legit Sites

  1. FreeBitcoin – Visit site every 1hr to get your Faucets
  2. FreeEthereum – Visit site every 1hr to get your Faucets
  3. DogeminingPaid – Signup once and automatically saves in your wallet in every24hrs. This is could mining faucet.
  4. Rollercoin – Earn a Crypto by playing small games like coin match, flip coin, 2048 coin, etc.


In 2021 many crypto projects have seen widespread adoption. Apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are many blockchain protocols.

Just as a droplet takes time to form in a leaking faucet before it drips, so too do users have to wait before they can collect any rewards. Faucets work in different ways, depending on the administrator running the website.

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