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What is SIDE RAIL Ads? Why Do you Need to Know

On November 30, 2022, Google has announced a new AdSense ad format named side rail ads. Side rails will start appearing automatically on websites that have certain settings enabled in the Google AdSense service. 

This is a great news for Website owners with AdSense enabled Account.

SIDE RAIL Ads are ads that stick to the sides of your pages when they’re viewed on widescreen devices, such as desktops, that will show up on the sides of webpages and keep you company as you scroll down over any webpage you visit.

They’re a fun, very welcome addition to those ads that pop-up on the top or bottom of a webpage and follow you around, which are called “anchor ads.”

Those anchor ads are great! They take up space on screen and protect from seeing the content.

side rails will automatically start to appear on your site after December 13, 2022. Those who have already tuned on anchor ads will see the side rails automatically start to show up on your site.

If you’d prefer not to show side rails, you can turn off this option in your Auto ads settings.

Goto Your AdSense account

Click on Ads(on  the left side)

Then click Auto Ads

In drop Down Menu as shown below deselect Side Rails Ads and click apply to Site.

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