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Windows 12

According to a new report, we could see a Windows 12 release in 2024, Microsoft new release with new Windows features may be picking up.

Microsoft originally moved away from its three-year cycle with the release of Windows 10 in 2015, instead of releasing groups of features for the current version of Windows in both the fall and spring (normally referred to as, say, “22H2” or as the “Windows 11 May Update”) Microsoft may increase the pace to as much as four times per year.

Microsoft never dismissed those comments, and instead said at the time they were “reflective of the way Windows will be delivered as a service bringing new innovations and updates in an ongoing manner.”

With no assurances regarding Windows 10’s lifespan, it’s logical we’ll see a successor at some point. What’s more, there are suggestions it might not be far away, with Microsoft rumoured to already be working on Windows 12 internally. Here’s everything we know at this early stage.

Microsoft hasn’t officially commented on its Windows roadmap plans. The company has put a renewed effort into Windows over the past two years, after the pandemic boosted Windows usage.

Previous Versions of Windows

Most likely, yes. Windows XP and Windows 7 continued receiving updates for 12 and 11 years respectively, while Windows 10 will be a decade old when support ends in October 2025. Windows 8’s four years of mainstream support is the exception here, but that’s primarily due to its overwhelmingly negative reception. If Microsoft continues this trend, Windows 11 would reach end of life sometime between 2031 and 2033. If that’s the case, a new version will need to be available a few years earlier.

Will Windows 12 be free?

It should be, at least initially. Microsoft offered a free upgrade to Windows 10, and it’s technically still available.

Updating to Windows 11 also won’t cost you a penny, provided your device meets the hardware requirements, and there’s no indication that Microsoft will end this anytime soon.

Once Windows 12 is released, it’ll almost certainly be free for a while. Microsoft will be understandably keen to get as many people onto the new OS as possible.

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