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What is ELV system Everything to know about ELV

What is ELV System

What is ELV, ELV stands for Extra Low Voltage systems. This includes all the systems in building which operate on low voltages. For Ex: telephone, LAN, CCTV, fire alarm, public address, master clock systems, Building Management systems, access control, security systems etc. Every building requires these kinds of systems.

Home automation systems include an extremely wide range of technologies for observing and controlling nearly everything in the working from lights to ways to home appliances and audio equipment and in short whatever works with power in the building. 

Most home automation systems are currently organize based and give the alternative of remotely controlling and checking the working over online from anywhere you are located.

While previously, most home automations were using some remote-control gadget, with progress of innovation the method for control is currently moved to smartphone and tablet applications or voice acknowledgment solutions.

Systems means you are combining the best third-party controls with unparalleled building automation systems. The result is a centralized and comprehensive building management.

Our industry-leading solutions come from an unflagging dedication to providing open systems and seamless integration of fire/life safety, security, and other controls.

How Does it Works

For Example, ACS is the abbreviation for Access Control System. ACS frameworks offer access to various building.

Areas typically implemented by automatic unlocking of doors through various methods. For verification of individuals by attractive magnetic or RFID ID cards, by unique marks like fingerprints, IRIS, or face recognition.

The Challenges of ELV system:

  • To have the benefit of expandability, ELV’s have to deal with regular deformations such as stretching and bending with an appropriate IP plan.
  • The ELV assures the proper usage of network switches to achieve the desired bandwidth by controlling the budget
  • Sometimes it becomes harder to set up many networks separately. Thus, the virtual LAN techniques are sometimes used to set up a separate system correctly.
  • To control the IPTV multicast, you generally have to implement the IGMP snooping.

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